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The Lady Alaska

Alaska is definitely a lady. She is a land of unequaled beauty, untamed freedom, and total mystique. Living here my entire life, I have yet to take any of Alaska for granted. I still stand in awe of the northern lights, still quiver with excitement as a moose or fox stands in my yard, still delight in the smell of wildflowers and wonder at the most brilliant sunrises and sunsets anyone can imagine.  I still stand outside and marvel at the sound of snowflakes falling gently in the winter.  Never heard a snowflake as it drifts to the ground? You haven't lived!

Alaska isn't just big. She is great. She isn't just wilderness - she's wild. And she isn't easily described, but she remains in your heart after meeting her. So come with me now. Let me introduce you to my Alaska through my own photos and bits of poetry. Enjoy your experience, and, please, come back often. This then, is THE LADY ALASKA....

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 "Waltz with me, Alaska"
written by Donna Blasor-Bernhardt

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music, and photos-copyright
Donna Blasor-Bernhardt

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