The reports on these pages are from real people but do not constitute acceptable evidence of efficacy to treat or cure any disease.
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Raiza, 52, attorney and mother of four.
The Origin
In January, 2003, a friend of Raiza's stopped by raving about the "Magic" Crème claiming dramatic reduction of wrinkles.   Dr. Jon learned that his wife had been buying the Crème from a friend in Barcelona for over 20 years.   When he asked the price, she changed the subject.   He had it analyzed.   Raiza had 1,080 two ounce jars produced.   500 volunteers were accepted to beta test it.   As you will see on these pages, the results are astonishing.
Raiza ordered 100,000 jars.   When she offered to appoint distributors, all 100,000 jars were taken in five days.   In less than three months an idea has become an international network.
Candid photos with no makeup.  She is quite an animal lover.
Raiza Crème will be available for ordering on April 15, 2003.

Liver spot on hand vanishing.
Amazing! Jon J. Brooks, M.D.

After 3 weeks

Lines also lighter

One should note that results vary. While many have reported what appear to be overnight miracles, others notice no instant benefit other than they love the light scent, texture and feel of the creme. If you have a 10X mirror, check closely in the first few days and you may clearly see improvement.

Raisa, I am 78 years old, pretty active and do look younger than my age. I've been looking in the mirror daily, and altho I saw a little change, I couldn't tell if it was my imagination or wishful thinking. Tonight my daughter (age 54) came to share dinner, and she kept looking at me strangely, finally she said, "what have you been doing? You look great - it's your skin!" Clair, Los Gatos CA

While the reports and unretouched photos on these pages are from real people, there is NO acceptable clinical evidence that Raiza Crème has efficacy to treat or cure any disease.

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Distributors note: If you are not getting company letters please notify us.

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           Throw away your expensive regimes, and use the ONLY Crème you will ever need for your more beautiful complexion - SEE visible results!

~Natural, HypoAllergenic and Affordable~

Raiza Crème© is worldwide.   Distributors in the USA, Canada, The U.K., Germany, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia

  Compare one 2 oz jar of Raiza Crème© with

Estee Lauder © Day Creme, Night Creme, Hydration Creme,
Anti-wrinkle, Re Nutriv © and Eye creme
which cost you a combined total of $465.00?

Is it possible that just ONE white jar containing
Pure, Natural, Hypoallergenic Raiza Crème© can replace all the expensive cremes?
The answer is an emphatic "YES!"
Over 500 beta testers think it is a miracle.
Liver spots?  Watch them slowly vanish.
Wrinkles soften & start to diminish in the first week!
Infections, eczema, psoriasis?   Just try it.
Other amazing results are still being reported!

The best part?  Raiza Crème© WORKS!

There are no petroleum distillates which are potentially very harmful to the skin. These are usually found in products which do diminish wrinkles overnight. It is a temporary fix as they return within 24 hours.

Neiman Marcus® sells the most expensive brands.

Le Mer ® $ 90.00 less than 1 oz.
Re Vive
® $120.00 for 2 oz.
Natura Bisse
® $300.00 1.7 oz.
Estee Lauder's Re Nutriv
® $250.00 1.7 oz.
Estee Lauder's Diminish
® $90.00 less than 1 oz.

While Raiza Crème© shares ingredients with some of the expensive cremes,
we don't share their exorbitant prices!

NONE contains the secret of Raiza Crème .

Raiza Crème© is available in fine stores for the MSRP of $85.00.
It is also available distributor direct to you at special prices.

RaizaCreme is $30, Postage Paid
To Order Contact Us either by email, phone, or write us.
Donna Blasor-Bernhardt
P.O. Box 61
Tok, Alaska 99780

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